Econ 102 Video Guide

The following videos are ones that I show regularly in my principles of microeconomics course. While one or two videos may not be shown depending on time, most of these make an appearance throughout the semester.

Lesson 1 (Introduction, Foundations, & Models)

Moscow on the Hudson — Coffee Aisle
Parks & Rec — Asthmas Induced Sunsets
Along Came Polly — Stabbing the Pillows
Parks & Rec — Ron Swanson on Capitalism
How to Make Everything — A $1500 Chicken Sandwich in Only 6 Months
Super Troopers — Free Hot Dog

Lesson 2 (Demand & Supply)

Seinfeld — The Note (Shifts vs Movements)
The Big Bang Theory — Electricity & Cable
AT&T — We Want More Commercial
The Office — Princess Unicorn (Part 2)

Lesson 3 (Labor Markets)

Moneyball — Breaking Biases
Buzzfeed — Jose vs Joe

Lesson 4 (Economic Efficiency)

Just Go With It — Negotiation Scene

Lesson 5 (Elasticity)

Jingle All the Way — Elasticity of TurboMan
The Wire — String Bell Learns Economics
The Simpsons — Bart Gets an Elephant
TIME — Nutella Riots
Marginal Revolution University — Elasticity & Slave Redemption

Lesson 6 (Price Controls & Quotas)

NYC Debate — Rent is Too Damn High
John Stossel — Rent Control in NYC
College Humor — Apartment Hunting in NYC
Chris Rock — Bullet Control
Saturday Night Live — Minimum Wage
KXLY — Teen Unemployment
Bloomberg — The Value of a Medallion

Lesson 7 (Taxes & Tax Policy)

ieaTV — Art Laffer Explains the Laffer Curve

Lesson 8 (Externalities & Types of Goods)

Above Average — Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbor
Axe Commercial — Pros & Cons
Colbert Report — Cashmere Externalities
US Bank — Unobstructed View
TED — How to Solve Traffic Jams
Adam Ruins Everything — Trophy Hunting

Lesson 9 (International Trade)

Brad Paisley — American Saturday Night
King of the Hill — Mowing While Intoxicated
Human Powered Ferris Wheel
Construction in Thailand
PBS New Hour — Clinton on TTP
Vox — China’s Panda Diplomacy
CNBC — The New Trade Deal (USMCA)
60 Minutes — Trump on NAFTA
ReasonTV — McCain on NAFTA
We The Economy — Globalization

Lesson 10 (Production & Costs)

The Big Bang Theory — Penny Blossoms
Seinfeld — Bottle Arbitrage 
The Office — Fixed vs Variable Cost Pricing

Lesson 11 (Perfect Competition)

The Simpsons — Mr. Plow
Two and a Half Men — Massage Competition
I Love Lucy — 5 Cent Hamburgers

Lesson 12 (Monopoly)

Adam Ruins Everything — Engagement Rings
Adam Ruins Everything — Eyeglass Monopoly
The Office — Princess Unicorn
Seinfeld — Soup Nazi

Lesson 13 (Monopolistic Competition)

Superior Donuts — Food Truck Competition
Mediocre Films — Deluxe Hugs

Lesson 14 (Oligopoly)

The League — Colluding to Split the Body

Lesson 15 (Pricing Strategy)

Paper Moon — Selling Bibles
Always Sunny — One Rock
The Toys That Made Us — Two Part Tariffs for Barbie

Lesson 16 (Game Theory)

Golden Balls — Split or Steal
Golden Balls — Coordination
Footloose — Chicken with Tractors
A Beautiful Mind — Ignoring the Blonde
Princess Bride — Battle of Wits
The Big Bang Theory — Desk Wars: Tit for Tat
ABC News — Lost in New York
TED — Hoteling Model
Survivor — 21 Flags

Lesson 17 (Consumer Choice & Behavioral)

Numb3rs — Ultimatum Game
The Big Bang Theory — Sheldon & Rationality
The Big Bang Theory — Sunk Costs & Ringtones
Blackish — Gift Giving
Jerry Seinfeld — Morning Guy
Modern Family — Greeting Card Jackpot
Moneyball — I Hate Losing

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