Brothers Osborne – It Ain’t My Fault

Introduce correlation vs causation using this music video from Brothers Osborne. In the story, the singer describes a bunch of events from a previous night of drinking, but reiterates that it wasn’t his fault. While his presence was correlated with a bunch of events, he insists he didn’t cause those events. He then goes on… Continue Reading →

Aaron Tippin — I Got it Honest

Aaron Tippin sings about the hard working lifestyle of a blue-collar worker who works 8 hours per day. While others may have more money than he does, he did it the way he felt was right by not selling his values. If you love country music and economics, check out

Old Dominion: Break Up with Him

  When I get to the chapter on sunk costs, I always play this music video before class starts. I typically use relationships in the behavioral portion of the class because most students can relate to the idea of sunk costs in terms of old relationships.

Tarzan — Strangers Like Me

Jane decides to help Tarzan increase is human capital by learning some new “human” skills. After learning these various skills, Tarzan should be much more productive. Thanks for the clip recommendation¬†¬†Courtney Conrad!

Johnny Cash — One Piece at a Time

Johnny Cash works out how he was able to build an entire car during his time at the assembly plant because he would steal the parts one piece at a time. He had a bit of trouble when it was time to register the car with the state because it came from so many different… Continue Reading →

Dee-1 — Paying Sallie Mae Back

Dee-1 has a big announcement for his fans, he’s finally paying Sallie Mae (his student loans) back. This is my favorite video to play before we start discussing human capital markets because student loan providers are viewed as evil, but they are filling a role in the market that traditional lenders aren’t willing to service.

Sesame Street — Cookie Monster Wants It

  The Cookie Monster is working on self-control, but he may not know about discounting. This clip would be really good to introduce discounting and time preferences even though Cookie Monster isn’t getting anything for waiting.

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