John Stossel — Spontaneous Order

In this Stossel in the Classroom segment, John Stossel analyzes political promises and looks at how government intervention actually can harm business. A good portion of the video focuses on how the invisible hand dictates much of what we see occurring in our lives and how centrally planned economies like the Soviet Union break down.

John Stossel — Price Gouging

Is price gouging evil or is it the sensible economic decision when shortages arise? In this series, John Stossel explores price gouging around natural disasters. This topic is really good for discussing the tradeoff between equity and efficiency.

ABC News: Mission Impossible: Lost in New York

12 strangers, divided into pairs must find the other person in New York City with only $100 and no idea who they’re looking for. This simultaneous game gives student a peek into a different type of game compared to what is traditionally taught in a principles course. The idea of common perceptions is that even though we all come from different backgrounds, we tend to focus on the same landmarks when trying to make decisions.

Read the full story from ABC News

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