Blackish — Castle Neighbors


This opening cartoon depicts Dre dutifully maintaining his castle and describing the lengths men go to in order to protect their castle. Unfortunately, we can’t always control what neighbor’s do with their castle and their decision to throw parties and disturb us is (seemingly) out of our control. The Coase Theorem would argue that so long as transaction costs are low, people should be able to bargain and sort out external costs imposed by private actions. The insinuation by Dre in this scene is that the transaction costs may be just a bit too high.

Clip recommended by James Tierney:


Blackish: Gift Giving

The Johnson’s Christmas has changed a bit, but it looks like the children still don’t appreciate the gifts they were given. Junior perfectly demonstrates the inefficiency of gift giving by noting that his parents took money he could use anywhere and turned it into money he could only use at one store.

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