Always Sunny — Healthcare & Socialism

Charlie and Mac discuss how crazy it is that Americans need to pay for healthcare and would only expect that from a communist dictator. Their confusion comes about because their friend, Dee, has a heart attack and then they realize that the could be injured at any moment.

Demolition Man — Economic Freedom

John Spartan (Stallone) wakes up from a cryogenic state to find that the world as he knows it has been “re-programmed” to follow morality statutes. He wakes up from his frozen state confused from all the changes.

Should people be allowed to do what they want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else? That’s the question of economic freedom being presented in Demolition Man. In a more market-based system, people are free to do as they please even if it means that they’ll become unhealthy or do things that others may determine as weird. In a more command-based economy, everyone follows the same rules.

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