Lots of Econ in This is The End (NSFW)

This is a little NSFW and has some mild language, but it illustrates tradeoffs really well. This is the End is a movie about actors playing fictionalized versions of themselves in an apocalypse. In this season, the actors are trying to decide how to divide their stockpile.

AT&T: We Want More

I use this clip in a couple of different ways. One of the weirder demand shifters is the idea that tastes and preferences can shift the demand curve. This commercial from AT&T is a great example of that concept: “you really like it, you want more.” The preference shifter is that you’ll consume more (demand increases) when you start liking things and then you’ll consume less (demand decreases) when you don’t like things anymore. I also use it a bit in my upper-level course when I get to the idea of indifference curves being mapped in a good-good space.

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