Wendy’s — Choice is Good

This Wendy’s commercial picks fun at Soviet economics that were notorious for limiting options available to consumers in the name of efficiency, but monopolistic competition in a capital market thrives on product differentiation and the ability to cater to people’s preferences.

Thanks to Rob Szarka for the find!

Wendy’s — Endowment of the Double Stack


An example of the endowment effect. The customer on the left is willing to give up a dollar but not his Double Stacker. This seems irrational as the Double Stacker only has a market value of one dollar. The endowment effect states that the possessor of a good over-values the good. This is illustrated in the commercial as the customer on the left refuses to give up his Double Stacker. For the classic coffee mug example, see Kahneman, Knetsch, and Thaler (1990).

Clip and summary provided by YouTube UserĀ chilibandito.

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