Old School — The Gift Frank Keeps Giving

Frank (Will Ferrell) tries to re-gift a bread make his friend Mitch (Luke Wilson), but it turns out that Mitch was actually the one to originally give the gift to Frank. Embarrassed, he accepts the gift back, but later tries to give the gift again during a child’s birthday party. One of the issues with gift giving is that most givers don’t know how the recipient values the item. In this case, Frank is stuck with a bread maker that he can’t seem to give away.

Movie: Old Schoo

Anchorman — Sex Panther Cologne


An example of a negative externality is displayed in the movie Anchorman when Paul Rudd’s character, Brian Fantana, sprays his so-called desirable perfume, Sex Panther, which is claimed to contain real bits of panther and is also illegal in nine countries. He states, “60% of the time, it works everytime”. After he applies this stinky spray, he goes to talk to Veronica Corningstone. As soon as he walks into the busy room, everyone leaves and coughs in disgust from the scent of this special cologne.

Thanks for the clip Allie Ziolkowski!

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