Surfer, Dude – What’s So Special About Surfing?

In Surfer, Dude, a soul-searching surfer (played by Matthew McConaughey) experiences an existential crisis when no waves come for over a month. When asked “what’s so special about surfing,” he responds with:

What’s so special about the wind? Surfing is to… be with that mystery. To ride
that mystery for as long as you can. And then when it’s over that’s cool because
you know what? You were there, in line and on time.

Surfer, Dude (2008)

Ocean waves can be forecasted, tracked, and even hunted by the most dedicated surfers, but ultimately, they are an unpredictable natural resource that is scarce. McConaughey’s character recognizes the value of this scarce resource beyond monetary terms.

Thank you to Amanda Mandzik for the clip submission.

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