The Sandlot – Can Smalls Catch? How About Throw?

In The Sandlot, neighborhood kids play an “endless dream game” all summer long. There are two kids on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to baseball talent and natural ability. Benny is the superstar on the local sandlot team. He has a clear absolute advantage over all the others in running, hitting, throwing, and catching. On the other hand, this scene demonstrates the skills of Scotty (nicknamed “Smalls”), who is new in town, He possesses book smarts but is clueless about baseball. He can’t throw or catch and has little knowledge about baseball in general.

He’s still a valuable member of the team because Benny can only play one position at a time. While he may have an absolute advantage in all positions over Smalls, there needs to be a division of labor in order to field a team.

Thanks to Amanda Mandzik for the clip submission and summary.

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